Morton Grove area property transfers


EDITOR’S NOTE: Content appears as it is provided in public records.

Morton Grove

8610 Georgiana Ave: Ronald J Szach- owicz and Dianne J West to Irene Spiropoulos for $197,000 on Sept. 11

8340 Callie Ave, #602: Carol Clanton to Billy Pallivos and Kathleen M Palivos for $248,000 on Sept. 12

5937 Capulina Ave: Kathryn A Jusz- kiewicz Trust, Suzannem Ulph Trust, Teresa Kuhn Trust and Kuhn Teresa Trust to Jennifer I Rubio for $179,000 on Sept. 9

9027 Mango Ave: Vladimir R Resnick and Yelena Resnick to Gregory J Paul and Anne M Paul for $427,500 on Sept. 9

9267 Nagle Ave: Antibas H Gumushian and Suzanne Gumushian to Boen Jiang for $590,000 on Sept. 12

8600 Waukegan Road, #504e: John Aliferis and Patricia Aliferis to Kia R Wheeler and Jamar Wheeler for $102,000 on Sept. 12

8043 Gross Point Road: Rdg Fund-1 LLC to Gregory M Tower and Meaghan Courtney Biggs for $330,000 on Sept. 9

7128 Emerson St: Deserae Hendrickson Trust and Janis Helene Bushong Trust to Tiran Inc for $146,000 on Sept. 12

7733 Maple St: Audrey Rothenberg to Houry Mekhitarian, Araxi Mekhitarian and Hrant Mekhitarian for $327,000 on Sept. 10


7017 Carol Ave: Tatyana Svidel to Ileana Albu for $180,000 on Sept. 12

7140 W Niles Ave: Dmitry Valbe to Genadiy Aizikovich for $125,000 on Sept. 10

6925 W Seward St: Janina Zurek to Ellen V Ryan for $290,500 on Sept. 9

6966 W Seward St: Waclaw E Krajewski and Celina Krajewski to Timothy James McCloskey Jr and Colleen Helen Kearns for $262,500 on Sept. 12

8213 N Oleander Ave: Right Residential LLC-Series 6 to Alain A Potrel and Car- men Y Serpa for $285,000 on Sept. 12

7653 N Oriole Ave: Lee D Palmquist and Mary Lou Palmquist to Liliana Ciuca for $350,000 on Sept. 9

7011 W Touhy Ave, #307a: Nicole Tomasso to Joanna Ziajor for $105,000 on Sept. 12


613 Forest Road: August R Voegeli Jr and Penny C Voegeli to Frank Nakamura and Irene Nakamura for $555,000 on Sept. 9

701 Carriage Hill Drive: Collen M Bagge Trust, Mary Ann Moore Trust and Ann Moore Mary Trust to Thomas Russell and Helen Russell for $12,000 on Sept. 11

631 Long Road: Nick B Cstelluccio and Keyna L Castelluccio to Eve Levin for $297,500 on Sept. 12

438 Briarhill Road: Dan V Nham and Hoa D Nham to Elizabeth J Warner Trust, Elizabeth J Warner Trust and J Warner Elizabeth Trust for $629,000 on Sept. 10

1906 Linneman St: Dorota Danko and Daniel Danko to Andrew Courtad and Jennifer Courtad for $1,190,000 on Sept. 11

194 Wilmette Ave: Mario Vardijan and Donna Marie Vardijan to 214 Wilmette Ave LLC for $400,000 on Sept. 12

2811 Pauline Ave: Anton Fuderer to Phenu Zachariah for $181,250 on Sept. 12

1123 Pine St: Wayne S Roberts and Nike P Whittemore to William D Traynor and Judith M Traynor for $430,000 on Sept. 12

2629 Fontana Drive: Michael F Siy and Haifan Yang to Serc LLC for $315,000 on Sept. 10

1435 Pebblecreek Drive, #13: Zachary J Richards to Horbal An Kerstin Elizabeth and An Brady Heora for $262,000 on Sept. 9

2141 Cottonwood Drive: Michelle S Dubrow and Michelle S Gessner to Steven M Koltun and Brandi N Koltun for $905,000 on Sept. 13


8442 Linder Court: Nicholas G Sanabria to Florencia Decastro and Romel Saro for $175,000 on Sept. 11

8841 Laramie Ave: Justine Kniezeski to Sebastian Vazheparampil and Bindhu Kaneechirayil for $308,000 on Sept. 12

8232 Niles Center Road, #209: Avner Krohn to Grazyna Swierczewska for $36,000 on Sept. 12

9652 Laramie Ave: Asrar Ahmed to Pierre Kanam and Brigitte Kanam for $170,000 on Sept. 13

9242 Gross Point Road, #412: Harold Pollack to Marika P Cigan and Vincent Francis Pernice for $128,500 on Sept. 9

9240 Gross Point Road, #408: Virginia Neuckranz Trust and Andrew Jove Trust to Renee Jurnes for $130,000 on Sept. 10

9350 Skokie Blvd, #304: Evgeny Rapoport to Dmitry Pasikhov for $180,000 on Sept. 12

4546 Church St: Setara Sous to James P Kiefer and Paula Kiefer for $219,000 on Sept. 10

6906 Laramie Ave: Nissin Behar and Olema Behar to Laura Ngo and Giau Nguyen for $340,000 on Sept. 9 

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